Monthly Archives: February 2014

“It’s good that you are going now. In summer there are many snakes”

Gori had long been on my list of places to visit in Georgia, as soviet kitsch found a place in my heart even before I first ventured east of Berlin. The Stalin Museum seemed the major attraction, but after talking to locals it became clear that the main event would be Uplistsikhe, an ancient cave […]

At School

Zemo Alvani’s “First School” sits directly behind the Stalin monument in the very center of town. However, everyone knows which came first. The original school building, which now houses the first through fourth grades, just celebrated it’s 100th year. A museum on the ground floor of the main, newer building, displays the long history of […]

Looking Around the Village

Two weeks into the new semester, and I’ve not yet spent a weekend in Zemo Alvani. Nonetheless, I meet new people and learn more about my environment every day, so my time here has been anything but boring. I thought you might like to see where I’m living. Here’s a look at the house:   […]