Monthly Archives: September 2013

Life Begins

I’m finally settling in here in Telavi, putting down shallow roots and exploring the city and regions around it. Things haven’t exactly calmed down, but the everyday absurdities have become less exciting. The small inconveniences become less frustrating each day, but the landscape and people continue to capture my attention. The apartments I live in […]

Orientation Days: Tbilisi Outside the Classroom

Orientation Days: Tbilisi Outside the Classroom Photos from the orientation, on Facebook because wordpress takes waaaay to long to upload.

Welcome to Georgia, Part One

It seems to have been ages since I last wrote here, but finally I have a few spare minutes. Since I left, my days have been filled with teacher training, Georgian language and culture lessons, and by far the saltiest hotel meals I’ve ever had. There’s so much I want to tell everyone! I’ll go […]