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The AVON Lady, Georgian Style

While the Avon lady is not exactly a fixture in my own memories, I think she’s a fairly well-known character. She’s made her way into the American cultural consciousness, and its hard to forget her lipsticked smile and raised eyebrow of disapproval (likely at our choice of eyeliner). Having avoided her all my life, I […]

Georgia Through a Glass Darkly

Georgia Through a Glass Darkly An article with a more nuanced perspective than the ones I often see bouncing around the internet. Voices many of my own concerns about reform here. Because Im daily involved in educational “modernization” here, it hits particularly close to home.


This should be the last long one for a while. I keep feeling too lazy to write long posts, so I procrastinate. Surprise! So I’ve decided to switch to shorter posts, which should begin soon. But here’s one last lengthy bit, from last weekend. ————– One of the things that consistently continues to surprise me […]


The church in central Telavi Photos from a mini-trek, three days hiking in the mountains near Akhmeta. Our second day began before the sun managed to reach the chillier valleys. One of the chillier streams we crossed in bare feet. The village where we encountered a toothless but very aggressive sheepdog, and his similarly-toothed owners. […]

One of the Stranger Places I’ve Been

If you’re paying very close attention to the almost non-existent street signs in Georgia, and happen to know the Georgian script, a few hundred meters outside the city limits of Telavi you might notice a gravel path named after a city in a far-away region of Georgia. But you probably won’t.  We didn’t, and we […]