Returning to Georgia from American was a bit messy with a series of long layovers, (briefly) lost luggage, a terrifying hostel, and the most serious jet lag I’ve yet experienced. But all this became insignificant once I realized how happy I was to be back. Something about the disorder of the city, the patchwork of […]

The holidays (and a free ticket from TLG) brought me back to America for a bit. I’m sitting in a warm house, eating all kinds of food, and enjoying everyday things I’ve come to see as luxuries. At the same time, I find myself missing so many things about life in my new home. When […]

I woke up early to visit a nearby monastery, and looking out my window as the sun rose I saw this: Finding out way to the Nekresi monastery complex proved far easier than we expected. Perhaps because we’re becoming accustomed to asking around at bus stations for information (rather than relying on the internet, which […]

Meet Maximus: He’s a family dog in Akhmeta, who I met during our somewhat surreal Thanksgiving celebration there. His back left leg is fairly limp, the result of an incident with a car a few months back. But that giant hole in his side? That’s new. We’re not sure exactly how it got there, but […]

While the Avon lady is not exactly a fixture in my own memories, I think she’s a fairly well-known character. She’s made her way into the American cultural consciousness, and its hard to forget her lipsticked smile and raised eyebrow of disapproval (likely at our choice of eyeliner). Having avoided her all my life, I […]

Georgia Through a Glass Darkly An article with a more nuanced perspective than the ones I often see bouncing around the internet. Voices many of my own concerns about reform here. Because Im daily involved in educational “modernization” here, it hits particularly close to home.

This should be the last long one for a while. I keep feeling too lazy to write long posts, so I procrastinate. Surprise! So I’ve decided to switch to shorter posts, which should begin soon. But here’s one last lengthy bit, from last weekend. ————– One of the things that consistently continues to surprise me […]